Bikes and Trikes – Which Toy Models Offer the Safest Ride For Boys and Girls?

Ride-on toys come in a variety of models. Whether you choose a bike, trike, wagon, or scooter, it is important to ensure you choose a model suitable for your child’s age. Your child should wear protective gear including a helmet, elbow and knee pads whilst riding on it or in it, though naturally minor incidents may occur regardless.

Many people are not aware that ride-on toys are not just limited to bikes and trikes but incorporate several other styles, makes, and models to consider. The following provides a basic guide to what’s available on the market today:

Foot to Floor Ride-Ons
Suited particularly to toddlers, this ride-on toy is perfect for developing both hand and leg muscles. All you need to do is put your child in the driver seat then let him push the toy around with his feet. The safety concerns for this toy include checking the quality of materials used in the body of the vehicle and ensuring that the plastic is strong enough to support the weight of your child.

Bouncy Balls – Jumping Hop Balls
Known by many different names, these bouncing hop balls are very popular amongst kids from toddlers and up. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the balls are great at developing your child’s sense of balance and agility. Aspects to pay attention to include whether the handles will be supportive enough for your child as he or she jumps or hops around on it, and the quality of the latex rubber used for the ball itself.

Ride-On Wagons
This toy is especially designed with little tots in mind, who love to enjoy being pulled around by an older sibling, parent or guardian, friend or grandparent. The toy wagon is usually made of steel though there are models now made from plastic. The important aspect to check for with this toy is its maneuverability. Longer handles are preferable as they can prevent tipping when turning. Some models also offer seat backs and seat belts for additional comfort and safety.

Bicycles, Tricycles, and Scooters
Naturally, buying a bike, trike or scooter involves more serious and careful consideration than that required for ride-on wagons, and bouncing balls. The following is a checklist for safety aspects to consider:

Size & Weight – ensure you buy a bike, trike or scooter that suits your child’s size and weight now. Do not anticipate that “they will grow” and buy the next size up. In this way your child will be much more likely to master control of it sooner and have more confidence in him or herself.

Brakes – check what braking system is in place and how accessible it is for your child.

Wheels – for younger kids, smaller wheels are usually more appropriate than larger wheels.

Handlebars – check to ensure your child can easily reach the handlebars for better steering and maneuverability.

Reflectors – equally as important on your child’s bike as any adult bike.

By paying attention to important safety matters prior to buying your child a ride-on toy or bike, you will reduce the chance of their being involved in an accident afterwards.

Mountain Bike Finance Can Help Your Family Enjoy the Outdoors

With foreign vacations getting more and more expensive, it has never been a better time to look for alternative holidays that adults and children can enjoy together. England has the ideal climate and terrain for mountain biking, and sporting holidays are great ways for families to spend time with each other without spending a fortune. Young people really enjoy biking because it allows them to try new skills, race each other and show off when they have mastered some tricks, whilst adults can keep fit and see the country side, or join in with the kids and try to race them.

If you would like to take your family or friends on a mountain biking holiday, this article will tell you everything you need to know from locations, kids clubs, to buying the bikes themselves. It is aimed as a guide to help you plan your biking holiday and everything you will need to take with you.

First things first, everyone going on the holiday will need a bike. If you are not planning on going over rough terrain you could purchase a comfort bike, which are ideal for those wanting to travel along flatter land. However mountain bike finance allows you to buy your family’s mountain bikes and accessories without having to spend hundreds of pounds at a time. This means that you can tackle the rougher terrain which can be more fun and you won’t have to sacrifice on comfort or safety.

Once you have your bikes and helmets, you need to decide where you actually want to go on holiday. Britain has some brilliant biking tracks and forests specifically designed for mountain biking. In Kent, Viceroy’s Wood is a newly constructed biking wood costing over £1 million to build but costing just £2.50 a day for non members. Coed y Brenin is on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park and opened in 1999. It was built with materials from the surrounding area, making it eco-friendly long before energy awareness became popular.

The Forestry Commission (a government agency with the task of protecting Britain’s woodlands) are in charge of building and maintaining most of the kingdom’s mountain bike trails and parks. They have started building more and more biking trails across England, Scotland and Wales. The popularity of existing locations in these three countries has shown that mountain biking trails are profitable and can create much needed jobs in the surrounding regions. Based on figures from other bike trails, a centre in South Wales is estimated to generate an annual revenue of £18 million by attracting 200,000 cyclists and creating 500 jobs in the process. Take a look at their website to find a biking trail near you.

If you think that a biking holiday might be for your family, but you want the option to do other activities during your time away, many biking holidays are adapting to suit the demands of every holiday maker. Gyms, cafes, restaurants, horse riding, adventure days and beach escapes can all be found near some of Britain’s best biking resorts. So for mums who would prefer to be pampered, they can enjoy the spa whilst the little ones tear up the tracks.

Many trails also have courses and classes where beginners can learn the basics of mountain biking to ensure that they feel confident enough to go onto the slopes without supervision. The adults will probably need this more than the children! Kids clubs are also growing in popularity so that youngsters can meet new friends whilst on holiday and adults are given some time to themselves.

Remember to pack waterproof clothing and several layers for each day just in case the weather is wet. It might be a good idea to buy your own elbow and knee protectors although these can be hired from most mountain bike trails. Your helmet will be the most important piece of equipment you take with you on your biking holiday and could end up saving a life. Safety is essential and you should remember safety rules when you’re having fun. You might also want to think about taking your swimsuits and some smarter clothes in case you decide to hit the beach or head into a nearby town or city one day.

Biking vacations can turn out to be a holiday which your family will remember forever. It can give you a chance to spend more time with each other and build an enjoyment for a healthy sport. Once you have found the right location for you and bought you bikes using mountain bike finance you are set to go. Make sure you pack in advance so you don’t forget any of the essentials and you are all set for the holiday of a lifetime.

Sarah Boothman is a writer and marketing executive based in Yorkshire, England. She is an avid internet user and likes to share information with the rest of the world. One of her favourite activities is biking and she paid for her bike using Mountain Bike Finance. Visit today.

Bike Riding Can Be a Fun Family Adventure

Everyone wants to get in shape. People in your neighborhood are jogging, running, swimming, and many have joined the local gym. However, if you are looking for something that the whole family can do together, and it won’t cost as much as a gym membership, bike riding is becoming very popular again as a form of exercise and recreation.

If your family consists of two adults and two kids, that means you need two adults bikes and two kid bikes, along with all the safety equipment. The kids need to wear helmets, and it is probably a good idea for the parents to wear helmets also. Besides being another layer of protection in case you fall, it sets a good example for the little ones.

Use your imagination when it comes to setting up family bike rides. Everyone has to participate or it won’t be a family activity. Instead of the yard sale bike for $30 you picked up for your son, he may want a brand new one. You will have to explain to him that it is just a starter bike to make sure he enjoys riding. Tell him that once he proves that he will use the bike, and then you will think about getting him a new bike as a birthday present or a gift of a good report card.

Your daughter, on the other hand, may not mind that you got her a used bike. She does worry about the accessories. She has to have a horn, and streamers and of course, and that cute little wicker bike basket she saw at the bike store. Since little girls may enjoy carrying things with them, that would be a great addition for her bike.

Whether you all have new bikes, old bikes or yard sale bikes, the objective is to get out as a family and have fun while exercising. You will have to remember to teach the kids the rules of the road before starting out. Keep the rides simple; remember little ones can’t keep up with adults. Maybe you should also remember to take along some snacks, such as fruit, for the ride. That wicker basket will sure come in handy.

If you’d like to add to your next biking trip, why not check out some great bike baskets [], or maybe bring along a picnic basket [] and find a nice spot to stop and relax and enjoy the day.

How to Choose the Right Size of Bike for Kids and Adults

Riding the wrong size of bike won’t give you a easy, safe, comfortable, and fun ride. Choosing a bike is like choosing shoes. In order to find the one that fits you best, you have to try several brands and models. So to help you out, here are some tips on how to choose the right size of bike.

Check out these tips and guidelines on how to choose the right size of bike for kids:

Don’t get a bigger bike for your child thinking that he or she will grow into it. A bike that’s too big would make riding very difficult and therefore less enjoyable for your kid, as it would be tough for him to control it. This can lower his confidence and may even lead to injuries or accidents.

There should be one to two inches between the bicycle’s top tube and your child’s crotch. Be sure he or she is not wearing heeled shoes. He should be standing flat on the floor as you measure.

For girls, measure between an imaginary top tube and her crotch. If you are getting a bicycle for a kid who’s not around, as a surprise birthday present for example, measure his or her inseam and subtract one to two inches. This is the correct standover height, or the height you would like the bike to be from the ground to the top tube.

Check out these tips and guidelines on how to choose the right size of bike for adults:

There’s no much difference between choosing the right size of bike for adults and for kids.

Most adult bikes have 26-inch wheels, a top tube for men and a sloped top tube for women.

When choosing a for a man, straddle the bike using your feet flat on the floor and check to ensure there’s one to three inches of space between the crotch and the top tube.

When choosing for a woman, straddle the bike in the same way and measure one to three inches between the crotch and an imaginary top tube. Both men and women should be able to comfortably reach the handlebars. They must not feel too far or too near.

When choosing the right size of bike, it all boils down to comfort. How does the bike feel when you bring it for a test ride? Is the bike easy to control? Do you feel comfortable about your riding position? If so, then your goal to choose the right size of bike has been fulfilled.

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