A Quick Guide To Buying Bikes

Many people enjoy bike riding and do it at all ages. Kids will begin with a small trike, and as they get older the bike style changes with them. Adults can enjoy different style of bikes. There are mountain bikes and racing bike options.

Kids bikes can be purchased at any sports store or department location. These devices will range in sizes and colors. Most kids will pick one based on it’s color or the way that it looks. Wheel size is a great way to tell how big the bike is and if it will fit the rider. Many kids have to sit on the seat to see if their feet touch the bottom and if they can pedal comfortably.

As kids get older their bike style may change as well. There are trick bikes that have no gears but just flat handle bars. The frame is light weight and slim and there may be special spikes hanging off the back wheel. Kids enjoy using these systems at special skateboarding parks. They can use the same ramps to spin their bikes up into the air and do tricks along the edges.

A kid style mountain bike, is designed for everyday use. It will have a heavier frame, with lots of grip on the tires. Gears will be loaded with shifts allowing the rider to get up and down hills with ease. These devices will also come with comfy seats for long distance riding.

Adult bike options are different then what kids have. They can buy a racing model or a mountain style. The racing design will feature a light weight and skinny frame. The material of the bars may be quite solid and of good quality. The wheels will be slim and large, which make them great for racing on long bike rides. The handle bars may lay flat and will have curved handles for the proper grip. The seat may be hard and small which allows a rider to sit a bit raised on the bike, good for speed.

Mountain styles are geared for trail riding and down hill bike adventures. A rider can take this powerful bike through a rugged trail or ride the regular roads or pathways. It is designed to take the bumps and curves of a wooden trail and may be loaded with springs to help the bike feel more cushioned as it pushes through.

Down hill biking can be a good adventure ride for someone. With protective gear and a helmet, a rider can attempt to take a professional ride down a mountain.

Bicycles can come in many shapes and sizes. Their prices will range from reasonable to expensive. When a customer buys an expensive model, they may need it for extreme racing sports or mountain biking sporting. This type of equipment is ideal for commuting to work and for the pure pleasure of getting some exercise.

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Kids’ Bikes

Children grow fast (too fast if you ask me), this is not news to any parent. It’s obvious when your child is growing out of his or her clothing but not as obvious to some when they grow out of their bicycle. It’s pretty easy from the terrible twos to around 4, a tricycle fits the bill perfectly. Bicycles however, are a different story altogether. Riding a bicycle children learn inertia, steering, braking and pedaling. Tricycles of course do not teach your child the very important skill of balance.

The average age most kids begin to ride a 2 wheeler is around 5 years of age.

The ages of 4-8 see significant physical coordination development, agility and balance. By this age most, if not all kids are experts at starting and stopping on a tricycle or a 2 wheeler with training wheels. There is much more than physical strength needed to begin riding a two-wheeler for the first time. A child should also be self-confident and motivated to venture out onto a “big kids bike”. Experts say this development might not occur till after the age of nine or older. If you’ve ever taught a child to ride a bike you know it can take a lot of patience. If your child is not motivated to ride a two wheeler they can be persuaded by friends riding 2 wheeler, a parent explaining to their child that training wheels are “for babies”.

Sizes Of Kid Bikes

The size of children’s bikes are determined by the diameter of the wheel, not as commonly thought by the height of the seat and size of the frame. This is how adult bikes are sized. A very important factor in your choice should be brakes. I do not recommend hand brakes to a child until they are at least 6. A lot of children are not coordinated enough to use them, making them potentially very dangerous. So, that leaves coaster brakes. Coaster brakes are much easier for smaller children to use but a dependence on them can cause problems at later ages when coaster brakes are less common. The next jump after the smaller kids bikes is to a frame size of 26 or 27 inches with 700c wheels. Sage advice: No matter what age, have an expert size the bike for your child, don’t take any unnecessary safety risks.

Buying a Bicycle

With hundreds of brands out there it is easy to lost in a sea of bikes. The best method for choosing the right bike for your child is through education of the basics of biking. Get to know the basic parts of a bike as well as competitive pricing.

As I have stated in another article on buying an adult bike, find a trust worthy dealer. The local guy down the block has a much more vested interest in providing you with great customer service since the huge stores have much more volume.

Kids bikes are cheaper than adult bikes and there is a reason for this. Manufacturers realize that kids outgrow bikes quickly so most models will not have the same quality of parts as your bike may have. That’s not to say that the bikes are not made well however.

A correctly sized kids bike will allow the rider to dismount and straddle the bike flat footedly. With a slight lean they should also be able to get their rear onto the seat, put their foot on the pedal and take off. Knees should absolutely not hit the handlebars and obviously they should be able to reach the handlebars easily.

Hopefully there will be a range of bicycles in your price point. Pick up a few and you will notice the cheaper one made of steel are heavier while the lighter and more expensive bikes are made of metal alloys. There is no real noticeable difference in my opinion besides a slight ease in handling for the light alloys.

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Bike Riding Can Be a Fun Family Adventure

Everyone wants to get in shape. People in your neighborhood are jogging, running, swimming, and many have joined the local gym. However, if you are looking for something that the whole family can do together, and it won’t cost as much as a gym membership, bike riding is becoming very popular again as a form of exercise and recreation.

If your family consists of two adults and two kids, that means you need two adults bikes and two kid bikes, along with all the safety equipment. The kids need to wear helmets, and it is probably a good idea for the parents to wear helmets also. Besides being another layer of protection in case you fall, it sets a good example for the little ones.

Use your imagination when it comes to setting up family bike rides. Everyone has to participate or it won’t be a family activity. Instead of the yard sale bike for $30 you picked up for your son, he may want a brand new one. You will have to explain to him that it is just a starter bike to make sure he enjoys riding. Tell him that once he proves that he will use the bike, and then you will think about getting him a new bike as a birthday present or a gift of a good report card.

Your daughter, on the other hand, may not mind that you got her a used bike. She does worry about the accessories. She has to have a horn, and streamers and of course, and that cute little wicker bike basket she saw at the bike store. Since little girls may enjoy carrying things with them, that would be a great addition for her bike.

Whether you all have new bikes, old bikes or yard sale bikes, the objective is to get out as a family and have fun while exercising. You will have to remember to teach the kids the rules of the road before starting out. Keep the rides simple; remember little ones can’t keep up with adults. Maybe you should also remember to take along some snacks, such as fruit, for the ride. That wicker basket will sure come in handy.

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